PLACEMAKERS uncovers, defines, and communicates the unique characteristics of a given public place, thus creating positive associations. The place denotes here: a region, a city, as well as a complex of buildings (e.g. housing estate, business park), or a single object. Our goal is exactly the same in each case - encourage people to live, work, shop, rest, or meet in a given place. 

Our offer is intended primarily for:

  • Commercial real estate developers
  • Property owners and managers
  • Housing estate developers
  • Cities and regions


  • Placemaking

    A friendly neighbourhood encourages to purchase an apartment, attracts tenants and clients, and also contributes to higher real estate value. To create such a public space we cooperate with local communities, representatives of local authorities, architects, urban designers, urban sociologists, landscape architects or transportation experts. We develop and execute strategies of new places’ development, as well as revitalization of post-industrial areas. 

  • Media Relations

    We cooperate with the leading nationwide, local, and real estate media. We find the proper context for every news, we know how to interest journalists in a story told from a new perspective, we successfully reach the relevant target group.  

  • Community Relations

    Not every investment enjoys the approval of the local community from the very start. In many cases the hostile attitude results from the lack of detailed information regarding the investment, and the feeling of exclusion from the decision-making process. The proper management of relations with the investment’s outside environment even before its start, is crucial to the success of the project. PLACEMAKERS helps establish and maintain the positive relationship with the residents, local activists, and non-governmental organizations.  

  • Tenant Relations

    At a time of enormous competition on the office market, it is crucial to ensure proper communication with the tenants, and prepare a rich offer of amenities and events for the employees. PLACEMAKERS helps distinguish the building on the city’s office map, creates its unique identity, and takes care of positive relations with its users.

  • Brand Urbanism

    Cities make efforts to limit or eliminate certain forms of advertising, especially from central or historic areas. Many brands look for new ways to connect with potential clients in public space. Brand urbanism is a perfect tool which allows companies to create or finance projects that influence the city and local community in return for increase in brand recognition. A seasonal beach right in the heart of the city, an urban sports square, or a Pop-Up Park in the business district are a great way to promote brands that wish to connect with the residents of the city. 

  • Tactical Urbanism

    A community vegetable garden, the neighbourhood social dance party with ambient light of lanterns, or Food Truck rally are only examples from an endless list of minor, often low-cost, and temporary events, which often do more to revive a place than multimillion investments. The PLACEMAKERS team helps develop and implement a program adapted to the place and the needs of the local community.

  • Art in Public Space

    PLACEMAKERS cooperates with the leading artists and designers who create projects embedded in architecture and public space, thus giving it a unique character. Art redefines a place, creates its new, strong narration influencing the increase of the Client’s brand recognition.


PLACEMAKERS is a team of professionals who gained experience working for public institutions such as self-governments and ministries, as well as private entities - listed companies or international corporations. Our associates are communication experts for entities from the building and real estate sector, urban sociologists, urban designers, architects, artists, landscape architects and transportation experts. 

  • Michał Kudła

    Michał Kudła

    Business consultant with several years of experience. He cooperated with the leading real estate companies - funds, housing, and commercial developers. Specializes in developing long-term public relations and public affairs strategies. He studied mediation at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences and is a graduate in International Economic and Political Relations from the Sciences-Po, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and also the Warsaw School of Economics.

  • Karina Koziej

    Karina Koziej

    Chief strategist and PLACEMAKERS team leader. She specializes in consulting in the area of urban space shaping, building bridges between the residents and the business world. She worked for international corporations, local government entities, and central administration. An urban sociologist and art conservator by education. City activist, the President of #Lepszy Służewiec Association. Co-author of the spatial development concept, awarded by SARP, for Grunwaldzki Square in Warsaw.

  • Adrian Furgalski

    Adrian Furgalski

    Graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, he holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science. His whole career has revolved around the transportation industry. Expert analyst in the transportation policy, the industry monitoring, and its development prospects. He is an active member of the public debate. Author of numerous press articles and co-author of books. At PLACEMAKERS he advises on transportation and accessibility of real estate which impact its value and influence the satisfaction of the residents and the employees.

  • Katarzyna Łowicka

    Katarzyna Łowicka

    Landscape architect and urban planner. She has developed over 80 projects, actions, and studies in the field of landscape architecture, urban planning, communication, public consultation, and environmental protection. For over 10 years, she has been introducing and making use of various tools of local community engagement in the process of planning and designing public space. Presentation of professional activity:

  • Tomasz Birezowski

    Tomasz Birezowski

    Architect and urban planner. In 2004 he graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Poznań University of Technology. He trained with several Polish and foreign architectural studios. He is the winner of a number of competitions, and a city activist. Co-founder and longtime president of the Olsztyn Development Forum Association, which since 2008, has been active in the field of broadly defined urban matters. In his work he focuses on the issues of public space, urban sprawl, and conservation.



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